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With the closing of Great American in West Winfield, the question was asked “What food do we already have locally?” A quick count revealed lots of farm stands throughout the school district. This project is an attempt to connect area residents with local food and agricultural items that are made and sold locally. We are updating the map as needed to be sure to include as many local businesses as possible.

We have set a radius of 8 miles outside the village but also want to include everyone in the Mount Markham School District or located in the towns of Winfield, Plainfield, Litchfield, Bridgewater and eastern Brookfield.

The map open to anyone who grows, raises, makes or sells agricultural products. This could be a full vegetable farm, a small flock of sheep, a seasonal orchard or setting out a bucket of gladiolus at the end of the driveway in the summer.

This site is brought to you by the West Winfield Community Committee.   We are a group of local volunteers that worked to gather information about local farms and producers to help area residents locate and purchase locally grown and produced food.  Feel free to contact us for more information.  New members are always welcome.

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